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Chef Dew Sivapoon Vaz grows her own fresh organic herbs & greens that she uses in her kitchen

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In our beautifully designed restaurant, you can dine on delicious Thai and oriental food in the lap of luxury. With smooth music in the background and our courteous staff, you will leave with a Thai dining experience like never before.

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Thai n Wok is situated in Miramar Panjim near Marriotts Resort in a building called Melruio in Goa

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Welcome to Thai n Wok

The Authentic Thai Restaurant

" For a wholesome Authentic Thai dining experience,with relaxing ambiance and Thai soothing music to create an atmosphere that's complemented with this amazing Food and Cocktails to keep it light."

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Suggested Dishes

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Thai Food in brief

Thai food may be associated with Thailand, but it is loved worldwide for being rich in history and flavor. The cuisine of Thailand is a merging of both Eastern and Western influences into something brand new, as you can see when you enjoy.

The origins of Thai food lie in the lifestyle of the Thai people, which was (and continues to be) closely tied to the sea. Major ingredients included aquatic animals, plants and herbs, but large chunks of meat were rare, especially given the Buddhist influence on this cuisine. Generous portions of meat only came later as other influences contributed to the Thai food we know today..

Thai food is known to be spicy, but in fact the spicing is toned down with fresh herbs like lemongrass and galangal, which can both ease yet enhance the spiciness of a dish..

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